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UWashApp Car Wash App
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see new faces at your car wash!

A custom car wash app made for your car wash services!

Amazing Car Wash App Features Made For Car Wash Operators

Provide your customers with the safe, easy, post-COVID mobile payment access they want by introducing them to the new car wash app brought to you by WashCard, UWashApp!

Mobile Payments Made Easy

Give your customers the no-contact solution they want!

Your Customer’s Easy Activation

The customer 3-step sign up takes less than 2 minutes!

Customized With Your Brand

Create the experience you want – your logo & brand.

How Does It Work?

Download & Scan

Download the UWashApp and scan the code at the service to be activated.

Select Price

Customers select which service they would like, and their price point.

Add Payment

Finally, they set up their payment and start washing!

Why Choose UWashApp?

NEW! Memberships!

Create custom membership programs for your customers on any of your services.

NEW! Business Accounts

Build more business through your wash with fleet accounts. Fleet managers can easily manage their team, see spending, and have all payments come from one credit card.

NEW! Count Up

Activate your wash services with a count-up timer. Set your max time and cost limits for each service.

NEW! Invite a Friend

Your customers can now invite their friends AND earn rewards when they do. Grow your business with new customers while also increasing your profit!

You Control Employee Access

Remotely give your employees access they need.

Best Customers Reward Tracking

No more punch cards with UWashApp Rewards.

Captive Audience

Capitalize on wait times with additional marketing, services, and cross-selling opportunities.

Increase Loyalty

Gain loyalty through a killer experience where customers easily purchase their wash any time, anywhere.

Beat The Competition

Disrupt your competitors by offering a better service that will grow your customer base

Easy To Use & Loaded With Rewards!

The UWashApp allows you to set up your rewards the way you want to. A custom car wash app in every way possible!

Car Wash App UWashApp Screenshots

More Ways To Reward

First Wash Free!

Offer your customers a free wash when they have registered in the app.

Buy 10, Get 1 Free!

Customers get a free wash every time they have come to one of your locations 10 times for a wash that earns a Star!

Free Vac w/ Purchase

Reward a free vacuum to your most loyal customers without having to do a thing!

uwash app for car wash advertising

Available Now…In-App Advertising Options

Cross-sell services and purchasing frequency with your custom in-app ads. For example, advertise your car wash services, other local businesses, community events, or whatever your business desires. The options are endless. 
uwashapp for car wash business accounts

NEW! UWashApp for Business Accounts!

Commercial, fleet and small businesses can provide your next big sales increase! Serve the businesses around you without having to chase down dollars or payments. Payments and users are managed automatically. Business users can use their personal account or their registered business account with the simple touch of a button.

A Great Customer Service Addition

The WashCard UWashApp is the answer for new customers, safety, and convenience.

ONLY $ 50
Per Service

The customizable mobile app for the customers at your car wash. Safer payment solution. Promotion Opportunities. Your competitive advantage.

Get the UWashApp customized for your car wash.

Take advantage of Fleet Programs, Count Up, and other great features.

Get the details – after initial setup costs of $2,995, which includes programming, branding, customization, signage and onboarding

Card and mobile customers are able to purchase the level of services they WANT,
not just what they have for quarters in their ash tray.

It's Easy To Get Started

This new mobile car wash app from WashCard is easy in many ways. It’s easy to get and sign up for. Likewise, it’s easy to customize for your operation, easy to install, and easy to use. Most importantly, most consumers don’t want to touch a keypad at a retail location. UWashApp is the fastest way to get into contactless payments. Call us today. The costs to get started are low, installation takes about a half-day*, and you’ll be offering safer payment options for your existing customers, meanwhile building business by attracting new ones.

  1. Call us at 651-661-9710
  2. We’ll get you onboard and customize the app for your operation
  3. Schedule a half day to install some basic equipment
  4. Put your branded wash to work getting new customers!

The Centers for Disease Control recommend consumers use “no-touch” payment systems wherever possible.

Schedule your customized demo today!

Call 651-661-9710

Find out how UWashApp can bring your wash more traffic, bigger transactions, and more profit.

• Get comprehensive onboarding to get you started quickly and easily!
• Learn how to manage your business from your UWashApp Portal!
• Receive customer feedback – improve your customer service as a result!
• Take advantage of UWashApp upgrades – Get new features!
• Beat your competition to the punch!

Lastly, create a great customer experience!

UWashApp works with ANY wash equipment – it’s an easy upgrade to ANY system. 

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